Ford F150 Single/Double Cabin Pickup Truck Features and Review

Now here is something that comes out of a fiction movie, Ford F150 pickup truck gives a combination of power, strength, muscle and mileage. Ford has been a fascinating manufacturer of automobiles and they continue to impress with the introduction of this vehicle.

Capacity and Power:

It has enormous capacity, the trunk is a bit longer than most other pickups, and it stretches to 6 and half feet and therefore has a larger capacity. As for seating, it can carry six passengers with ease. It has a 365 horsepower engine with turbo charging. The 3.7 liters V6 engine is meant for going off the road. The direct injection system decreases the per mile cost and increases the power. You can visit this local address 192.168.l.254 to learn more.


The F150 comes with supreme safety features, the driver can use hands free cellular calling feature to make sure he does not meet an accident resulting from just a phone call. The driver does not have to press buttons for radio and cassette player, instead voice command feature kicks in here. One press of a button brings 911 assistance to the driver. These models are favorable for family usage as well. As for the price, there is a lot of variation in it and the desiring buyers can use auto loan calculator to compute the monthly lease payment.


The XL model comes with single cabin where all others come in double cabins. The price of these models ranges from $25,000 to $51,000 based on what model is to be purchased, an auto loan calculator can tell the lease payment amount for each of the separate models.